Dovetail Foks 25th Anniversary

Dovetail Foks 25th Anniversary

In our significant 25 year  anniversary year Dovetail Foks are delighted to announce that it has successfully been awarded a new long-term contract with Reed Midem to provide travel and accommodation related services to all Reed Midem’s worldwide events and tradeshows.

Dovetail Foks’s success is the result of a positive attitude, hard work, patience, perseverance & persistence. Much of our progress can be attributed to how we treat those we work with. Being fair to our customers, partners, suppliers and employees creates trust and strong working relationships which has resulted in successfully maintaining of our premium service each day.

Our company culture reflects the fundamental rule which is treating people more importantly than business itself and therefore we will endeavour to provide quality and excellence as well as good working relationships between our employees, suppliers and clients with the best value in mind. We handle adversity and are never afraid of change, quickly adapting to any given circumstance. We deal with hard times, failures and challenges by picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and then moving forward.

Dovetail Foks wouldn't be where it is at today without the support of our customers, partners and our suppliers. These 25 years have been a journey which we feel honoured to have shared with you and hope to continue for 25 more. Thank you for your friendship, dedication and loyalty.